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Since 2004 thousands of families, from all over the world, have benefited from our comprehensive programs.  We recognize that to truly help a child succeed it’s necessary to provide programs that support the child at home, as well as at our center.  All of our programs are designed to address the many capacities each child needs to succeed, and educate parents how to support this growth at home.

Instead of just treating a specific symptom or skill we look at the child as a whole.  For example, we understand that something like communicating is more then just repeating or saying words.  Communication is an emotionally driven capacity that occurs verbally and non verbally.  When a child has difficulty with either piece they can become emotionally more sensitive and negative behaviors can emerge.  Dealing with the whole child assist the communication and the emotional repercussions of dealing with a weakness.  By working on the physical and emotional elements of every challenge, and helping families support this growth at home, we can achieve comprehensive and lasting results.

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