How do I Understand My Child’s Challenges or Delays?
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Children with developmental, behavioral, learning, and/or emotional challenges benefit from work in three broad areas:

  • Mastering social and emotional capacities
  • Learning to think more creatively, logically, and reflectively
  • Strengthening “processing” capacities – motor planning and sequencing, auditory and language, visual spatial, and sensory modulations.


Dr. Greenspan always felt that every family should walk away from an assessment having a deep understanding of what their child’s core challenges are and how to work on them at home, not just a diagnosis. He wanted every family to understand their child’s unique profile and to achieve success in doing Floortime at his office before they went home.

At The Floortime Center we have focused on doing The Greenspan Assessment the way he envisioned it.

Parents will learn what makes their child unique by interacting with their them within different environments at the clinic. During this process parents will also learn which techniques of Floortime are the most important for their child.

During the assessment Jake or Tim will discuss your child’s specific challenges and work with the family and the child to assess what areas need to be addressed first.

To develop a comprehensive intervention plan, the first meeting will take from two to three hours. Follow-up sessions will be 45 minutes each.

Strengthening these areas will improve your child’s overall emotional, social, intellectual and academic growth.


The Floortime Center will develop an individualized plan for each of the areas described above in order to help the child and family work on specific challenges to improve functioning. The plan will include two components: an active home/school program, and a Floortime Center intervention program.

The Floortime Center staff will continually update the home/school program and will work with the parents to facilitate the child’s developmental progress.

For out-of-town clients, regular telephone consultations will compliment periodic on-site follow-up sessions..


The most effective way to learn Floortime is by being coached. Parent Coaching was one the primary ways Dr. Greenspan helped children succeed. By helping parents experience Floortime and feel confident doing it at home the gains a child can make increase exponentially.

After the initial assessment ongoing Floortime coaching is an important component to make sure the “Plan” is being implemented effectively at home, and that optimal progress can be achieved. Once the core weakness are identified the Floortime techniques that apply to your child will be explained and modeled.

It’s necessary to continue to further our understanding of Floortime as each child grows and improves.


Parents, grandparents, siblings, and professionals working with the child.

We follow the very strict guidelines that Dr. Stanley Greenspan trained us with, and also outlined in his many books, radio shows, and conferences.

The duration of these coaching sessions is 45 minutes, and the number of sessions necessary varies from child to child