The Evaluation, Intake and follow-up appointments with Jake or Time are considered Floortime coaching sessions and do not get covered by insurance companies.  Additionally, Visou-Cognitive Therapy and work with a Floortime Employee are not covered.  There will be no CPT codes or ICD10 codes on the invoices for those services.  [Read more important insurance information]

Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Psychology appointments receive varying amounts of insurance coverage, depending on your insurance provider.  While we are not in-network with any primary insurers, we will provide invoices with the appropriate coding necessary for you to submit for reimbursement. 

  • If your primary insurer needs session notes, please have them contact your therapist directly.
  • We do not work with Medicare, Medicaid, or any secondary insurance providers.
  • Requests for documentation that is more than 90 days old may carry additional fees.

Please see the associated costs below for large amounts of documentation requests

Bills will be provided at the time of the appointment. Payment will be expected at the time of the visit. We are able to accept credit cards. If individual circumstances require a different plan, please call the office prior to your appointment. [Download our Credit Card Authorization Form here]


  • Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged a 50% (of the appointment fee) cancellation fee. If a family has multiple sessions in a day then they will only be charged 33% of the total for that day.
  • Cancellations within 2 hours of the appointment time and No-shows and are billed at the full rate, and cannot be rescheduled.
  •  If a family cancels/misses 2 days of appointments within a 4-week period, the family will risk losing the time slot.  To avoid losing your time slot please reschedule missed appointments (special consideration will be given to families coming multiple times a week).

We understand special situations and conditions do occur.  If you would like to discuss your situation with us, then please contact Jake Greenspan or Tim Bleecker.



  • The Floortime Center Initial Evaluation and Report with Jake or Tim $580.00
  • The Floortime Center Intake (No Report) with Jake or Tim $350.00
  • Floortime Consultation-1 hour (For families who do not attend regular sessions at TFC) $235
    • (Rate only for weekly appts with Tim or Jake) Floortime Coaching  (45 minutes) $175.00
  • On-site Floortime (Not with Jake or Tim- 50 minutes) $95
  • Conference calls
    • 16-30 minutes    $87.50
    • 31-45 minutes $175.00


  • Admissions Testing (WPPSI-III or WISC-IV and Parent Interview)   $410.00
  • Psychoeducational/Psychological Testing    $1,800.00
  • ADHD Screening (6 years and older)    $450.00
  • Developmental Eval (Bayley and FEAS):    $1,650
  • Clinical Evaluation/Diagnostic Evaluation:   $1100.00
  • Initial Consultation      $250.00
  • Individual session       $160
  • Conference calls
    • 16-30 minutes      $80
    • 31-60 minutes      $160


  • Evaluation (includes written report) $375
  • Individual session (50 minutes) $160
  • Group session (cost-per-hour per child) $120
  • Insurance documentation, written reports, or e-mail communication
    • 16-30 minutes $80
    • 31- 60 minutes $160


  • Evaluation (Includes written report) $375
  • Individual session (50 minutes) $160
  • Group session (cost-per-hour per child) $120
  • Insurance documentation, written reports, or e-mail communication
    • 16-30 minutes $80
    • 31- 60 minutes  $160


  • Initial Consultation      $220
  • Individual Session (50 minutes)    $160

Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) carried out by a professional certified by the creator of RMP, Soma Mukhopadhyay:

  • Initial Consultation      $220
  • Individual Session (50 minutes)    $160
    • At our office RPM sesssions are combined with the principles of Greenspan Floortime to make sessions a thinking-based social experience.