The Floortime Center® Programs

We offer individually designed programs based on a child’s based on each child’s developmental, behavioral and learning needs, as well as their age.

Healthy development involves many areas of functioning, including intellectual and cognitive functioning, language functioning, social and emotional capacities, sensory and motor abilities, and environmental patterns. To promote healthy functioning, early identification and preventive intervention efforts must deal with all these areas of functioning in an integrated manner (including understanding relationships between them) (Greenspan & Shanker, 2004)

We have individualized programs available for children of various ages and different developmental levels

  • Early Intervention: Infants 0-12 months, Toddlers 1-3 years
  • Preschooler Program: 4-6 years
  • School-Aged Program: 6-13 years
  • Adolescents Program: 13-18 years

All of our programs work on the core capacities of:

  • Self-regulation and attention (first 3 months and thereafter)
  • Relationships (attachments) (3 to 5 months and thereafter)
  • Social interactions, i.e., reciprocity and increasing social problem-solving (including multiple joint attentional frames, initiating reading and responding to intentions, and social referencing) (8 to 18 months and thereafter)
  • Meaningful use of language (pragmatic) and play (with toys or other objects), as well as the meaningful use of ideas (symbols) coupled with the progression to logical and abstract thinking (18 to 48 months and thereafter)