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Home-Based Services

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Many families need extra help at home, especially now. The Floortime Center® Home-Based Services support families by having a Greenspan Floortime trained Speech and Langauage Pathologist come to your house.  The goals are to,

  • help families maintain a healthy environment for their child while recieving therapy,
  • provide therapy in the child’s natural home environment, and
  • give parents more access to learning floortime techniques to help their child while at home.

This service starts September 14th

Space is Limited

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  • At the home parents need to provide a quiet private play space, with appropriate toys and/or sensory equipment, where the Floortime Professional can work.
  • There is a fixed driving fee of $10-$20 per session based on travel distance from our center.
  • Parents must participate with their child in a minimum of 1 Floortime coaching session per month at The Floortime Center.
  • Our Floortime Therapists are not substitutes for parents doing floortime.  To get the best results, 15-20 hours a week of floortime is recommended for a child.  This amount of time can be accomplished through a combination of center-based Floortime services, home-based Floortime, and floortime with parents, siblings, and other caregivers.

If you would like to have a Greenspan Floortime Speeech and Langauage Pathologist come to your home to provide therapy and parent education, then please apply here.

If you have questions, then please contact Jake Greenspan,

We can only support a limited number of families witht his part of our program. Please contact us asap to sign up.