The Floortime Center® Off-Site Services

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Many families need extra help at home, or at school, especially when they have a child with additional needs. The Floortime Center® Off-Site Services support families by having a Floortime Professional, (OT, SLP, or Floortimer) come into the home or school.


  • At the home parents need to provide a quiet private play space, with appropriate toys and/or sensory equipment, where the Floortime Professional can work.
  • There is a fixed driving fee of $20, $30, or $40 per session based on travel distance from our center.
  • Parents must participate with their child in a minimum of 1 Floortime coaching session per month at The Floortime Center.
  • Our Floortime Therapists are not substitutes for parents doing floortime.  To get the best results 15-20 hours a week of floortime is recommended for a child.  This amount of time can be accomplished through a combination of center-based Floortime services, home-based Floortime, and floortime with parents, siblings, and other caregivers.