Interactive Listening Systems, iLs is a program which uses classical music being played through headphones to provide gentle and specific stimulation to activate neural pathways of the brain that work with organizing and processing various types of sensory information.

iLs has the potential to benefit a child’s ability to:

  • concentrate and focus
  • integrate visual, auditory, and motor systems
  • socially engage
  • improve mood and behavior
  • improve processing speed

The music chosen by the therapist for an iLs program is specific to a child’s needs and includes mostly classical. The music of each program and session is also organized in a way that will provide the most beneficial input to the child in order to meet their specific needs. The three programs that we will be using at The Floortime Center include Sensory Motor, Concentration & Attention, and Reading/Auditory Processing.

  • Sensory Motor- 60 hours
  • Concentration and Attention- 40 hours
  • Reading/Auditory Processing- 40 hours

How do I know which program is right for my child?

If your child is struggling with balance, alertness, coordination, and/or organization, then the Sensory Motor Program is likely the best fit. If your child is having a difficult time paying attention, focusing, or remaining motivated, then the Concentration and Attention Program is probably the best. On the other hand, if your child is having difficulty with reading, decoding, speech/articulation, then the Reading/Auditory Processing Program is best

What will my child be doing during a session?

At the Floortime Center we gear sessions toward keeping the child engaged in interactions while   the therapists target specific goals during motivating and stimulating activities such as swinging, building, jumping/climbing, puzzles/games, and crafts. By integrating the sensory stimulation iLs provides with social emotional input during a session, a child can truly integrate all of the information from his or her environment.

How will my child wear the headphones and hear others talking at the same time?

­The system’s volume is set specifically for each child before each session and at a low enough     volume to hear speech but at a high enough volume to benefit from the program. The headphones fully cover the ear with a soft headband around them for sturdiness. The device is in a pouch that easily buckles around the waist either in the front or the back.

How many days/ hours a week does my child need to come in order to see changes?

The optimal session length is 60. These should happen 3-4 times per week.  Five or six 30 minute sessions per week are also a possibility.

If time/ financial constraints exist or if a child is very young then the director/therapist will work closely with the family to organize the best possible plan.