The Child with Special Needs Program (Developmental Delays)

This program is specifically designed for children experiencing a delay in their development.  Delays in relating, communicating and thinking can be address by a comprehensive program.  This program will involve different pieces depending on the child, but could include,

Parent training/coaching – to help implement a consistent program in all environments.  The relationship between a child and parent has the potential to encourage more developmental growth then any other relationship in a child’s life
Occupational Therapy– to improve self regulation, motor development, and physical communication
Speech Therapy– to develop and strengthen verbal communication (not just the use of words)
Social Groups– to understand social patterns and how to interact/play with peers

All of these services are performed with a common integrating set of goals for optimal results.  Each therapist will additionally have their own goals, based on their field of expertise.  When a child is being supported with an integrated program the results are comprehensive and generalized.