Roots Occupational Therapy™ at The Floortime Center®

Now in Northern Virginia and Bethesda

Our Occupational Therapists are some of the most sought after in the area.  They consult with local schools and organizations because they do more than just teach a missing skill.

Roots Occupational Therapy provides services that foster relationships between the therapist, the child, and their families.  By building this relationship therapists are able to develop a holistic view of the child, instead of simply working on isolated behaviors and skills.  Each session is unique in that it is individualized and led by what is truly motivating to each child.  Because our focus is not simply to teach a skill in an isolated manner, which has been proven to lead to poor generalization,  our therapist focus on getting the child to do the thinking.  This means the child comes up with a solution and a plan to execute and achieve their goal.  When necessary the therapist supports the child, but only as much as needed.  Instead of teaching a  child the adults desired outcome, which leads to dependence and other maladaptive behaviors, we are able to help children develop true thinking processes that will last a  lifetime, and lead to independence and adaptability.   

Our occupational therapists are skilled at incorporating “just right” challenges with what is motivating, to not only improve sensory processing and overall motor skills but also increase engagement, communication, and independence in everyday occupations.

Why Floortime based Occupational Therapy?
All of our OT’s have extensive training in the Greenspan/DIR Model and The Greenspan Floortime Approach. This helps them understand a child’s emotional system and how it can impact their ability to think and perform activities of daily living.  Instead of working on isolated behaviors, Floortime OT’s help children learn to think and choose to overcome the challenges they face.  As a result, the children they work with improve their regulation, engagement, communication, and the targeted skills.

In order for a child to make progress in daily life skills, they must be regulated in their sensory and emotional systems, and be enticed to learn.  Our OT’s prioritize creating a positive relationship with the child, which enhances their ability to learn and succeed.

Our Occupational Therapists work with infants, children and adolescents who are struggling with behavioral, motor, or sensory integration difficulties.

Occupational Therapy Addresses:

Sensory Integration Disorder
-Difficulty integrating sensory experiences, over-sensitivity and under-sensitivity to sensory inputs

Motor Difficulties
-Gross motor (crawling, walking, running, jumping, sports), fine motor (grasping, pointing, writing), low muscle tone, dyspraxia, and apraxia

Behavioral Problems

-Modulating emotional and sensory systems, hyperactivity, under-reactivity,and attentional problems

Eating Issues
-Picky eaters, oral sensitivities,  and smell aversions

Visual Perceptual Difficulties
-Tracking and scanning, negotiating visual environments