Parent Floortime Training and Coaching

Dr. Greenspan’s Floortime Approach provides important tools for every parent.  Simple techniques can be used in everyday situations to help children calm themselves, communicate more, think logically, and plan ahead.  These techniques can also be used in 20-30 minute Greenspan Floortime sessions at home. 

Recently research in the UK using reflective parent training showed that after 6 months children with ASD exhibited an almost 20% reduction in symptoms. The training involved helping parents read and respond to their child’s cues, gestures, and communication.  Read the full article here

Some of the goals of Greenspan Floortime parent coaching are to help parents,

-Deepen the relationship with their child, which in turn improves compliance and listening

-Read the individual cues every child expresses

-Understand how to respond to a child’s communication

-Learn techniques that encouage each child to communicate more, and enjoy the process of doing it

-Establish consistency in family dynamics to create a calmer home environment

The principals of Greenspan Floortime can help every child.  As children progress in their ability to self regulate, communicate, and think it is important we learn to challenge them at the next level.  Ongoing coaching helps facilitate this rapid and continuous growth.
Who do we coach?

-Parents, grandparents, siblings, other family members, and professionals working with the child.

Signup now for coaching sessions with Jake Greenspan or Tim Bleecker.  Call 301-657-1130.
-You can also signup up for one of our individualized Intensive programs for local and out of town families

We follow the very strict guidelines that Stanley Greenspan MD trained us with, and also outlined in his many books, radio shows, and conferences.  
The duration of these coaching sessions is 45 minutes and the number of sessions necessary varies from child to child.