THERASCHOOL™ at The Floortime Center® (February 5th – April 27th)

is not a school or therapy. It is an evidence-based program that combines the best of an individualized intensive therapy program, and the social opportunities and semi-stparachute kids TFCructured thinking-based activities of a school.

Researchers have determined that it takes two weeks of intensive intervention to start the process of neuroplasticity, the process by which the brain wires itself and reorganizes its wiring. For an individual to master and sustain these neurological changes a longer intensive program is necessary.  It can take 8 to 12 weeks (sometimes longer) to make lasting changes in the brain and develop new habits and behaviors.

For 12 weeks at The Floortime Center®, children will be given individualized therapy services, based on the child’s specific needs, goals, and developmental profile.  Children will also receive social opportunities and some semi-structured school activities like art, music, story, and snack times to support other developmental needs.

Every child will receive a unique mix of developmental interventions including speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, visuo-cognitive therapy, Greenspan Floortime, parent coaching sessions, and social opportunities. The entire program’s focus will be on social-emotional development, and all interventions will strengthen; building relationships, thinking, communication and flexibility while also improving specific areas each individual therapy can target.

Occupational Therapy– Sensory integration, sensory and emotional regulation, coordination, muscle tone, planning and sequencing (motor based and with ideas),

Speech and Language Pathology- communication (gestural and verbal), expressive and receptive language, feeding

Visuo-Cognitive Therapy– visual-spatial processing, eye contact, transitions to different environments.

Social Opportunities– sharing, turn-taking, compromising, creativity

Greenspan Floortime – self-regulation, social patterns, emotional signaling and processing, creativity, expressive language, and adaptability

Parent Greenspan Floortime Coaching– caregiver/child relationship, behavioral control, communication, and thinking

The 12-week program will be run three times a year and only be available for 4 to 6 children each session. There will be at least 1 adult to every 2 children and at times 1 to 1.  Admission into the program is based on a child’s developmental ability and goals, and how they fit with the other children in the program.

Contact Jake or Tim for more information and to apply.

Part of the program will have insurance reimbursable services and part of the program will not.