Many people offer Floortime, but few strictly follow Dr Greenspan’s way of doing it.  The Greenspan Floortime Approach is Dr. Greenspan’s way of doing Floortime. 

Floortime is an intervention that can be done by parents, family, or professionals to optimally stimulate a child’s developmental growth.  It is a way of communicating with and responding to children, adolescents, and young adults that encourages them to do the thinking.  

Most standards of therapy and education are based on adult led experiences where the adult is showing or telling the child what to do.  Unfortunately, many children can become resistant to this or get very used to being shown or told the answer to the problem, and become reliant on that process. 

  • This is similar to a math teacher telling their student 2+2=4.  Now they know the answer, but they don’t know how to add.

If our first learning is primarily adult led then it is difficult to establish a child’s ability to problem solve new situations and think independently, but if our first learning experiences are based on the child figuring out the answer with the right support, then problem solving becomes fun and easy and we learn a lot more from our environment.  Once problem solving becomes firmly developed then a child can be exposed to more adult led teaching.

Floortime is a way parents and professionals can take part in a child’s learning process without taking control or becoming a teacher.  Start doing Floortime, click here.

The 3 main principals are:

  1. Following a child’s lead to join their world, harness motivation, and help the child feel more in control
  2. Challenging to move up the developmental ladder, help with social problem-solving and thinking, and tolerating stress/frustration
  3. Expanding (without taking control)  to encourage creativity, abstract thinking, and understanding dynamic patterns.